The Horror of Dog Food – Dog Food Rating System Reveals the Toxic Evil of Commercial Foods

The Horror of Dog Food - Dog Food Rating System Reveals the Toxic Evil of Commercial Foods

A recent exercise in dog food rating shows that very few commercial products pass inspection.  In fact, most dog foods were found to be disgusting stews of ghastly ingredients based on grotesque recipes designed to increase corporate profits–even if the end result is damage to pet health.  The bottom line:  It’s almost impossible to find truly healthy dog food in the store.

Author Andrew Lewis has made a personal crusade out of investigating the dog food industry.  After discovering some of the horrible things that transpire in the manufacturing process and learning more about the significant health risks posed by most commercially available products, he created a dog food rating criteria and began testing scores of dog foods.

His findings?  Less than ten of them came close to passing inspection and he argues that even these products should be used sparingly.

That’s why so many people are joining a chorus calling for the use of homemade dog food.  Unless you make your own dog food (which is surprisingly easy and inexpensive), you are at the mercy of the dog food industry and that means you’ll be feeding your pet things like this:

Additives and chemicals that have been banned from human food because they’re known to cause massive illness and to encourage disease.

The ground corpses of disease-riddled dead animals and the carcasses of pets who were put to sleep.  The poisons used to kill those animals makes its way into dog food, too.

Plastics and inorganic matter.  From the collars of dead cats to the plastic bags used for the moving of animal carcasses, a variety of unnatural substances find their way into dog food.

And that’s only the beginning.  Dog food analysis conclusively demonstrates that we cannot trust the dog food industry to supply our pets with healthy options.  Instead, they continue to mass-produce low quality foods that fail to meet nutritional needs while simultaneously encouraging deadly disease. 

Store bought dog food is a complete disaster that no truly loving pet owner could knowingly purchase or use.

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