8 Guaranteed “Fool-Proof” Ways For Training Boxer Dogs!

8 Guaranteed "Fool-Proof" Ways For Training Boxer Dogs!

Yes! It’s true, these ways are guaranteed to work, and they don’t involve jumping through hoops or thousands of dollars either. Amazing isn’t it? People spend thousands and thousands of dollars each year on fancy classes, videos, books, etc. While they’re all great resources, I find it interesting that the absolutely guaranteed, fool-proof methods cost little to nothing, and are very simple to implement! Here are the for-sure, never-fail ways for training boxer dogs:

1. First, Check Your Own Behavior. Isn’t it hilarious that the number one, most important “secret” is to train ourselves first? Hah! Sounds funny, but it’s 100% true though, and must be taken completely seriously. To begin to train our beloved boxers properly we must first be sure to stay positive and maintain a calm energy that will capture their respect, and therefore cause them to reciprocate in kind.

Therefore, park it in the Zen zone! Absolutely NO hitting, yelling or kicking your boxer. I am scolding you now – there is absolutely no flexibility on this :-). NO rubbing your boxers nose in its own defecate. Your dog can only pick up on your behavior, not your words.

Intentionally or unintentionally, your dog will responding to your own behavior, and therefore will respond in kind. This rule never, EVER fails.

In other words, your dog will simply will pick up on your energy and return that same energy to you. What you’re going for here is mutual respect between you and your pet. Dogs, particularly boxers, are very sensitive to the energy that you’re putting out. You MUST stay calm and in command of your emotions at ALL times.

Would you believe that I NEVER have to raise my voice to get my boxer to follow my command? It’s so true. I make sure that I am calm and in command, and only then do I proceed with my goal. This works technique so well, that, when you focus on a specific training goal, for example on keeping your puppy from eating it’s own poop,

  • You’ll be stress-free during the training process.
  • Your calmness will assure your boxer as well, and there will be more cooperation.
  • You will achieve your goals faster.

What more could you want!?

2. Understand Your Dog’s Personality. Be sure that you are familiar with the boxer breed’s history, of course. But, your boxer has it’s own individual personality and quirks that make him so special and unique. Get to know him or her. Don’t just pay attention to what they do wrong, but see the whole circle of its personality.

Also, believe in your dog and its inherent goodness!! Understand what makes him happy, what makes him sad. Make notes of when its unwanted behavior happens, and any odd circumstances that may have triggered such behavior. This is critical: understand the intention BEHIND its behavior. For example, if it jumps up on your visitors whenever they come around, check out its attitude. Is it happy to see them? Is it just trying to play?

This is helpful because, while you are applying the tried and true training technique for this specific behavior, you are applying it with understanding. Your insight will ease tensions between the two of you as it learns to curb his unwanted behavior.

3. YOU Must Be the Top Dog! You must be in command, or, er… the “Top Dog”, at absolutely all times. Therefore, make sure that it has your attention when you need it. There’s an easy way to do this. Simply reward your dog with a tasty treat when you have captured his attention. This method works! Guaranteed! It will be the most attentive little darling you ever saw!

Also, make sure that you behave in a mature “Top Dog” manner at all times, even during times of play, or when you’re bestowing lavish affection upon your boxer.

4. Don’t Depend On Fancy Gadgets. Forget about using expensive gadgets or ‘electronic collars’ as a substitute for true discipline and consistency. You will be sorely disappointed by these fancy gadgets, and will have wasted your money if you catch yourself using them to replace true leadership. While these gadgets may be useful, you want to focus on your relationship with the boxer.

5. Take Your Goal of Training Boxer Dogs Very Seriously. Embrace advice from experts who KNOW how to accomplish these goals. No taking advice from people that don’t even own a boxer! If you have a very specific problem with your boxer, such as how to properly crate train your boxer puppy, make sure that your resource uses guaranteed, foolproof ways to actually go about this, and they should be VERY specific.

  • For example, they should be able to give you concrete advice on:
  • How to start training boxers of all ages, whether it’s a 1-month-old puppy or a 10-year-old set in its ways.
  • How to prevent separation anxiety.
  • How to keep your boxer from jumping on you, your family, and perfect strangers!
  • How to stop your dog from racing out the front door.
  • How to get your boxer to walk on a leash and by your side without him pulling you down the street.
  • How to potty train your boxer to keep your boxer from urinating on and destroying your carpet and furniture.
  • How to properly crate train your boxer puppy.
  • How you can make your boxer obey your every command.
  • Preventing your boxer from barking excessively during the night.
  • Stop you boxer from biting and nipping.
  • Stopping your boxer from eating its own poop.
  • Stopping aggressive behavior in general.
  • Additionally, they should give you an easy to use time schedule for these accomplishments. For example, a simple method for potty training your boxer in only 15 minutes per day.
  • They should have a true understanding of boxer dogs’ temperament and personality traits. Also, they should know about the history of the boxer breed.

6. Commit a Little Bit of Time Each Day. Even if it’s just 10 or 15 minutes per day, this sets the tone for both you and your boxer that this training is important. The boxer begins to understand that succeeding is a serious goal, as they see your consistency. Also, you will achieve your results multitudes faster by using this method of consistency, rather than a bit here, or a bit there.

Remember, you want to maintain your dog’s focus to implement a behavior change that has either taken time to be established, or that has never been corrected. So, 20 minutes per day is much better than say, 4 hours every other weekend for maintaining its focus on correcting the unwanted behavior.

7. Be Consistent! Praise your boxer when he does something right, but give a stern reprimand when it disobeys, or does something wrong. The key here is to reward the same behavior consistently, over and over, and to reprimand unwanted behavior on a constituent basis. Your goal is to leave absolutely no confusion on the part of your boxer.

8. You MUST Use “Tried and True” Methods for Curbing Very Specific Habits. For example, how to get your boxer to walk with you in public without a leash (This is so cool! I don’t know who’s prouder when we do this, me or my dog!!). Why would you try to guess at stopping this behavior?

  • Also, don’t waste your money, nor your precious time following methods for training boxer dogs that are given in an off-hand manner, or by those who only offer your fancy gadgets to buy.
  • Don’t take no for an answer, and don’t relax your expectation when it comes to training your boxer. You and your dog deserve to have the proper understanding between each other. Expect only the best results!
  • Finally, it is absolutely critical to your dog’s wellbeing (and your sanity, for that matter) that you follow step by step instructions that are guaranteed to work for your specific task. So, find guaranteed, sound, step by step instructions for a very specific type habit that you’re trying to curb.

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